Vision Skateboards – Old school decks & classic street wear

Vision Skateboards is one of the most famous skateboard brands. During the 80’s, Vision was a dominant force in skateboard production. Rivaled only by Powell Peralta.

Vision Early Days

The very early stage of Vision as a company was conceived during the 2nd skate boom by a woman Lou Ann Lee.

Lou began the business by making skate pants in her garage. Her designs proved to have style and function. Their products also became instantly popular to skaters across the USA and overseas.

Vision Skateboards and Vision Streetwear

Vision soon came out with a product known as ‘The Space Plate’. This is commonly known as a skid plate now, a small piece of plastic that protects the darkside of a skateboard tail. The success of this product led them to diversify into skateboards.

The brand’s presence as a skating powerhouse was further solidified by the signing of Mark “Gator” Rogowski and Mark Gonzales.

During this time Vision also began making a large variety of street wear. Hence, the sub-brand was formed. Some of their more famous products during this area include:

INXS Album cover featuring 3 men and a skateboard
The final album of INXS featuring the Vision Psycho Stick Deck
  • vision dv8 shoes
  • vision skate shoes
  • vision street wear t-shirts
  • vision street wear sweatpants
  • vision street wear jacket
  • vision street wear hoodie.

Vision also produced a series of promotional skate videos. These include ‘Skate Visions’ and “Psycho Skate’. During the end of the Vert skating era, Vision didn’t respond to the switch to street.

Vision Reissue Skate Decks

Nowadays old school vision skateboards still have a loyal following. They also have produced a series of dope reissue decks even better than the originals due to improvements in gluing and pressing technology.

Vision Psycho Stick Deck

The Vision Psycho Stick is based on a real person who used to work for Vision. He used to walk around the studio in the same kind of glasses and once this board came out, he was idolized by local kids who lived near. The deck also featured on the front cover of the INXS album.

Man with crazy glasses on the back of a vision skateboard deck reissue with a pink background
Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck 10″x30″

Vision Mark Gonzales Deck

Mark Gonzales was one of the most influential skaters of all time and his deck was similarly famous. There is something very 80s about this deck and we particularly love the shape.

Icon of mark gonzales on a vision skateboard deck aka gonzo in blue

Vision Gator Deck

Mark Anthony “Gator” Rogowski was a pioneer of vert skating and at the time has one of the most popular decks around. His career went plummeting as he spiraled out of control. Pink swirly design of Mark Anthony "Gator" Rogowski for a vision skateboard

Other Vision Skateboard Decks

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