Top Toy Companies – That Got It Right

There are many Toy Companies out there that are doing exciting work, and some – not so exciting. Here is a list of Toy Companies that are producing something pretty special.

 Spin Master

Spin Master produces unreal products. It’s a company that began from humble beginnings.

Three college friends from founded Spin Master with $10,000 in Toronto in 1994.The company’s first product was called ‘Earth Buddies’. A small head made out of pantyhoses and grass seeds that grew green hair when given something to drink.The company now makes many awesome products. But none so skate related as the Tech Deck.

Spin Master has a massive collection of mini skateboards to use with your fingers. These decks have a massive following. Fingerboarding has in itself become a different kind of skateboard art.

Hats off to a company that has continued to be innovative and maintained their vision.

Teech Decks – By Spinmaster

Anki Toys

Anki Toys make super friendly toys that have been a huge hit with kids – and it’s only been recently released. Check out

Check out Cozmo – a little robot who can think for himself. This is a real life robot that has a huge range of functions.

Its personality will evolve more with the owner. It will also nudge you to keep playing and will never cease to surprise you.Cozmo has created a toy that has only been seen in Hollywood movies.

Cozmo – The Robot

Play Tape

This product is so simple yet so genius at the same time. Check out Play Tape! This is a high-quality tape that can create a real road for children to play on.

It sticks to any surface and won’t leave a residue.

Use it indoors or outside. You can construct a new play area – out of nothing. You can also make ramps out of it too!


Feisty Pets – WMC

Ok, this isn’t just a plush toy. We think Feisty Pets are badass! Feisty pets are selling like crazy at the moment.

Ok, this isn’t just a plush toy. We think Feisty Pets are badass! Feisty pets are selling like crazy at the moment.

What makes these fluffy toys so feisty are its Achilles heel – squeezing its ears.

Squeezing the ear of a Feisty Pet will animate their alter ego – an angry little fellow.

These are so funny, we couldn’t help but think they’re perfect toys for a skateboarding kid.

Cuddle and Kind

This small family company produces beautiful hand knitted cuddle and kind dolls. The dolls are heirloom quality.

They are also ethically produced in Peru. Cuddle and Kind support sustainable, fair trade income.

We think small organizations that tell a story will be the businesses of the future. They also support children in need, providing 10 meals for every doll sold.

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