Tie Dye Skateboards to die for

Tie Dye is a word that was invented in the mid 60s in the USA.

The Tie dyeing process involves manipulating the fabric before, during or after dyeing through one or more of the following things:

  • Folding
  • Twisting
  • Pleating
  • Crumpling
  • Tieing.

Over time Tie-dye patterns have been characterized by bright fluorescent colours and strikingly bold patterns. The designs have been closely ‘tied’ with the hippy movement of the 60s and 70s, and also beach culture.

The concepts of anti establishment and free living is closely aligned with skateboard culture.

It was only natural to that the overlap would soon be represented on skateboards designs and gear.

80s skateboards has developed a list of the very best tie dye skateboards on the market right now.

The Best Tie Dye Skateboards

Globe Chromatic Cruiser Tie Dye monster holding up sign saying our choice for under $50Skateboard Complete

There is so much we love about this skateboard. This is a really smooth cruiser that’s good for both sexes. It’s got a sweet grip pad at the back for barefoot skating. The deck on both sides is very well thought out.

 Globe Chromatic Cruiser Tie Dye Skateboard Complete akak Tie Die


Enjoi Tye Dye V4 R7 Skateboard Complete – Tie Dye – 8.25

We love Enjoi decks in general but the tie die on this deck really works and is well balanced. Enjoi is a professional skateboard brand that always has attention to detail and quality.

Tie Die Skateboard Enjoi deck with a panda on it


Santa Cruz Land Shark Rasta Tie Dye Complete-8.8x 27.7

Santa Cruz went totally retro Rastafarian with this skateboard. The colors are more more worn out create and awesome weathered look to the whole skateboard. We love the fishtail too.

A tie die design on a santa cruz skateboard. The skateboard has different wheel colors

Flip Cheech and Chong Shred Tie Dye Complete Skateboard Cruiser – 9.3″ x 36″

Cheech and Chong on a flip skateboard deck with a tie dye print

Cheech and Chong have a cult following so it’s no surprise they went for a tie dye on the front and tail of the deck (with a smokey interior). It’s a good cruiser for transport and downill.  With extra soft 78a wheels.

Penny Classic Complete Skateboard

You may know from a Penny Board Review that we love Penny’s in general. Penny have an insane range of tie die print. Rather than just showing you the classic we thought the Indigo Tie Die are worth mentioning. This print gives the board an electric look that we really dig. The wheels are also clear blue. All around this deck rocks from it’s waffle top right down to its Abec 7 bearings.

Penny Indigo Tye Die Skateboard front and top

Powell-Peralta Black Light Skull and Sword Complete Skateboard

We love Powell Peralta. We added this one not only because it’s awesome and a famous brand. But when we checked this item out on Amazon the complete was under $85! If it’s still at that rate when you click on it, it’s a very good deal. Particularly since it includes mini-logo truck and wheels!

Powell Peralta Tie Die Deck of Skull holding sword in front of fluro tie dye

BLIND Eagle Tag Complete Skateboard, Tie Dye, Size 7.75FU

Blind make solid skateboards and the messiness of the American Eagle mixed with the tie dye just looks wicked. The complete includes Slant trucks and 52 mm 95A wheels. We would recommend upgrading your bearings to some bones reds though.

American eagle tie dye design on a skateboard deck

Punked Lowrider Drop down through Longboard

This is a high quality long board coming in at 3.8 x 10.5 x 40.8 inches. Punked have a great range we recommend you check out.

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