Surf Skateboards – Best Longboard For Surfers

Skateboarding and Surfing are parallel in many ways, however, for the surfer looking to emulate the experience of surfing, there are a few things you should brew on before shelling money on a longboard. Surf Skateboards are your answer.

The most fundamental difference between surfing and skateboarding is:

  • You rudder a surfboard
  • You steer a skateboard.

Essentially these two tasks will never be the same, but with the right selection of gear, you can steer your skateboard to a more surf-like experience; for fun or for surfing training.

However, the most notable change for someone moving from surfing to skateboarding is pushing. Skateboarders are completely aware that pushing on a skateboard is half of the work. Pushing on a skateboard causes you to load and balance on one leg. This skill is very different to the wading that is required to mount a surfboard to catch a wave.

This is why trucks are vital for a surf skate experience.

Surf Skateboard Trucks

If you are building your own Surf Skateboard you will rely on quality trucks.If you are aiming to create a pure surfing experiencing then the most important thing is selecting the right surfing style skateboard trucks.

Carver/Sector 9 Trucks

Silver Suf Skateboard Trucks

Carver/Sector 9 trucks have a particularly special patented truck design that creates a fluid dynamic movement that emulated a surfboard in water. The design adds an extra axis of movement by attaching the trucks to a rotating arm.

This rotating creates:

  • Lateral thrust of the nose of the board
  • Extra assistance for a normal rail to rail turn
  • Extra turning capacity (the back truck is turned into a pivot for particularly snappy turn (similar to the way fins hold in water while sliding on the surface of a wave).

However, the most notable feature worth mentioning on the Sector 9 truck is the functional pumping ability of the board for speed. This feature I particularly important for delivering the feeling of surfing.

To understand how much research and development has gone into these trucks, there is something you should know. Since the truck design emulates the same pivoting motion, it is impossible to ride the longboard ‘fakie’. Essentially, expect the carver surf trucks to only perform front truck only. Riding the longboard in the wrong direction will feel very unstable and unnatural (imagine surfing a skateboard fins front).

Finally, you can expect some smoothness from the heavy-duty internal spring that can be customized to the feel you like for your board. If you have a flexible longboard then you may be better tightening the spring up. However, a standard skateboard deck will mainly benefit from a looser arrangement

For those concerned, the Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder has a standard ‘new-school’ mounting hole pattern ( ( 2.1″, or 2 3/32″ long) that will fit any new-school deck.


Surfskate / SwellTech

Surf skate longboard truck in silver with blue wheels Surf Skateboards

Swelltech produces Trucks by the same name and also offers SurfSkate complete skateboards.

Their decks are surf like in every way and are designed to look just like a surfboard on wheels.

Their truck design is very similar to the Carver style but with more beef on the base. The design also features a bunch of internal springs to make carving bowls even smoother.

You will also note that the front truck pivots a full 360 degrees to emulate the manoeuvrability of surfboard on a wave. One thing we really liked was the extra thickness to the axle. Loading so much weight onto the front truck requires cushioning and that extra strength and the Swelltech truck offers both.

The Surfskate has the feel of surfing with strong bottom turns and it is still able to produce sharp snappy turns when you want.

The wiggle technique is not a lot different to when you are trying top cover closing out sections and you do short hard pumps to try to beat them.

The Surfskater accelerates incredibly with these pumps (almost like a wiggle) from which you can then produce larger and smoother arcs and carving turns.
Best longboard deck for surfing.

Ultimately, if you are aiming to emulate a surfboard then you should be going to a wide and long deck. This is because surfing features a much wider and more stable standing position than skateboarding. A longboard is perfect for this purpose

However, wide and shorter decks and provide a different experience altogether. Consider a wide deck, even an old school style if you are

The Best Longboard Skateboard For surfers – Completes

Surfskate Premiere Complete Skateboard – 9.75×40 Surf Skateboardsmonster holding up sign saying our choice for under $50

Surf skateboard in blue and white

The SurfSkate Premier Series is really everything rolled into one for a complete skateboard. This is the skateboarding series to consider if you are shopping around for a good value complete with high-quality trucks for a good all-around surf skate experience.

Looking at the photo, take note of the difference between the front and rear truck. The front truck is shaped in a ‘V’ shape and expects most of your truck rotation to happen at this point.

Another worthwhile thing to note is that the Premiere has introduced a longer wheelbase of 23.5 inches!

A longer wheelbase allows a rider to separate their feet to match their normal stance of a surfboard.  Essentially, you can now cross-train your surf stance to create a fluid surf skate experience for practice.

  • 360¡ horizontal and 40¡ vertical rotation in front truck
  • Black traction pad with kick
  • Abec 5 bearings
  • 7-ply Maple deck
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium and chrome-moly trucks


Sector 9 The Chamber III Complete Longboard Skateboard Includes Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks – 8.1″ x 33″

Surf Skateboards picture with wave design

The Chamber is one of two flush mount drop thru Surf Skateboards in the Sector 9 range.

The feature of a flush mount drop thru provides a sleek look to the ends of the deck while reducing the ride height.

Expect a much easier push style with this drop through deck. So take note, this style will particularly benefit those that are new to skateboarding.

The other benefit from this drop through style Surf Skateboard  is the extra flex in the deck.  The Chamber 3 provides a really smooth ride and is particularly good on frustrating divisions in the pavement.

  • 33.125″ L x 8.125″ W x 21.75″ WB.
  • 7 Ply Maple
  • Camber Kick Mold
  • Drop Thru Flush Mount
  • 9.0″ Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks
  • 69mm 78a Offset TS Wheels
  • Abec 5 Greaseball Bearings
  • 1.125″ Flush Mount Steel Bolts


ARBOR Longboard KOA ZEPPELIN Gullwing Trucks / 65mm Wheels

Surf Skateboards featuring a hula girl design

  • 8.5″ x 33″
  • Trucks: Gullwing Sidewinder
  • Wheels: Bigfoot Islanders 65mm 78A Blue
  • Abec 7 Bearings

Arbor produces top quality Surf Skateboards and this Koa Zeppelin Complete is a nice compact longboard with a particularly surfy look and feel.

Again, expect a smooth carving session with the Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. This longboard isn’t particularly long, in fact it’s almost standard skateboard dimensions.

But this longboard could be a good consideration if you want to save yourself a little bit of cash and are prepared for a more closed stance while riding.

As with all Arbor Longboards, expect a good design with an excellent finish.


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