SkaterTrainer Review

The SkaterTrainer is a fresh product and one that will definitely suit anyone who has not mastered an ollie or kick flip.

Without a doubt, learning to Skate and more accurately – perform an Ollie is more difficult than learning to ride a bike. Nevertheless, training wheels go hand in hand with learning to ride a bike for the first time.

The SkaterTrainer is the skateboarders answer to this.

What is the big problem with Ollieing?

If you haven’t tried to Ollie before, try. It’s difficult for many reasons.
Skateboarding relies on balancing on a platform (deck) – while moving.

Ollieing relies on a complicated tail slam maneuver on the deck – while jumping.
Trying to complete an ollie from a stationary position causes the board to move in either direction since a skateboard always wants to roll free. Beginners will all end up scooting out, 100%, without a doubt.

The SkaterTrainer turns your round wheels into stable cubes. It allows you to focus on the ollieing and removes the danger of rolling out while jumping.

Does Rolling Out Matter?

If you have never tried to ollie on a smooth flat surface you will know the unnerving feeling of ollieing and not getting the angle right. It can be scary, dangerous and way more difficult than it looks. If your center of gravity is wrong you WILL slide out.

The SkaterTrainer Out of the box.

The packet we trialled featured 4 SkaterTrainers (one for each wheel) and two stickers.

Each trainer feels like quality rubber and it maintains its shape very well.

The SkaterTrainers are easy to put on. You can place them on in either direction without too much trouble.

Skater Trainer Review

The Action

The Skater Trainer is cushy. When you land you just get that little movement by the cube style wheels that help you from chewing up your knees.

Do I have to buy a SkaterTrainer?

If you can already Ollie well you do not need a SkaterTrainer.

What you should to consider is whether you or perhaps your child who is new to skateboarding is going to need MANY, MANY jumps to master the ollie and kickflips properly.

If you can’t ollie, a crack between the pavement or a drain grating could give you enough stability to remove most of the motion that interferes with a beginner ollie attempt. Although one thing worth remembering is that you will have to reset your board in the crack after each attempt. This can be more frustrating than it sounds

The Skater Trainer lets you make one attempt after the other more quickly.

Ultimately, the SkaterTrainer will save you hassle, it provides that little bit of extra cushioning and it’s more versatile since it can be used on many skater surfaces and all gradients.

Another small note we should make is that if you are concerned about a skateboard tearing up a surface, the extra cushion from the trainer will help.

The SkaterTrainer also reduced the noise from jumping slightly.

One thing we found when trialing the SkaterTrainer is that it naturally makes you want to ollie more and practice. Since you cannot always be bothered to take your skater trainers to go cruising you will often just start trying to maximize your jump height on the footpath.

Skater Trainer Review

The Skater Trainer Review Summary

The SkaterTrainer is a good piece of equipment and will speed up the challenging task of mastering your ollies and kickflips.

Regardless of whether you are a child, teenager or adults, the SkaterTrainer will just give you that extra help you need to get jumping.

The SkaterTrainer lasts for ages and you can pass it onto someone else when you’ve mastered the ollie.

The only question you should ask yourself is if you need it?

For the price, we think it’s a worthwhile investment as a time saver and for injury prevention.

It is often easy to see people lose interest in skating when they continually fail the ollie. We feel that this product could just help you get off the ground.

The brand stands by their products and offers a 100% money back guarantee and would certainly go well with a beginner skateboard.


The Skater Trainer Review Rating

10.0 Overall Score

For the price, we think it’s a worthwhile investment as a time saver and for injury prevention.

10 For Beginners

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