Skateboard Sponsorships

Skateboard Sponsorship can prove to be a challenge. The idea of becoming a sponsored skateboarder is a dream for many.Travelling the world and skating all the best skate parks while getting paid is something that captures the imaginations. But before you push ahead we should give you a guide.

80s Skateboards does not sponsor people currently.

However we are contacted by skate shops and companies who are often scouting for talent.

How much do sponsored skaters get Blue monster with open mouthpaid

Payment for sponsored skateboarders can range from free skateboard gear, to millions of dollars. It depends on the arrangement you have with your sponsor

Easy skate sponsors

Getting sponsored is generally something very hard to arrange, however it’s not impossible. Particularly with the right attitude. There is no such thing as easy skateboard sponsorship however if you focus on building relationships with the right people it can be done.

Here are a few things that matter:

  • Innovate, many people emulate their favorite pro skaters. However, acknowledge that your favorite pro skater has mastered the move that you are trying to do – and is already getting paid for it. Stand on the shoulders of giants and add something, innovate!
  • Video Video Video Video. There are no masterpieces in skateboarding unless it’s recorded. With social media and youtube you can begin to get acknowledge more than ever before.
  • Network and Make Connection. Consider sending a letter (yes, a letter – not an email) to connections in your industry.
  • Focus on challenging yourself everyday at skateboarding. Once you master a trick, don’t go stagnant!
  • Make art. Skateboarding is not art until you make it so. You make the most exceptional art when you are different. Be creative.

Skateboard companies looking to sponsorPurple monster waving

If you are a skateboarding organisation looking to sponsor someone, please contact us directly so we can connect you with an appropriate applicant.

Skateboard sponsorship application

80s Skateboards wants to help and inspire skateboarders in their careers. As mentioned, we do not sponsor people ourselves but we do feel compelled to help out where we can. If you would like to forward us your application we are happy to pass it on when organisations approach us.

Please do not expect a direct reply or response since we get many applicants and only are able to connect skateboarders with sponsors when we an opportunity arises.

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