Skateboard Rack Buyers Guide 2018

A Skateboard Rack is a great way to protect your board and yourself. A reliable rack can serve many purposes and will often influence your skating in a very profound way.

A skateboard on your wall is a perpetual reminder that you skate or should be skating. What you will find is that when you have a skateboard on your wall rather than tucked under your bed you will very simply – get out more and skate.

A rack will benefit your skateboard too. A rack will air your board after a rainy skate session and keep your deck off the floor away from unsuspecting feet.

If you own several skateboards a rack is a wise investment. An organized system of storage encourages board rotation and organization.

Skateboard Rack Comparison List

ImageNameBoard Storage NumberPrice
Skateboard rack featuring 5 skateboards on a wooden fixturePro Board Racks Skateboard Wall Rack5$$
3 skateboards on a metal rackStoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack3$
Clear skateboard rack featuring 2 skateboardsSource One - Clear Acrylic Skateboard Rack2$
2 Skateboards on 2 parking block racksParking Block – Skateboard Storage, Display, & Organizer – Portable Stand1$
2 Skateboards and 3 skateboard fixtures on a wall.T-Rax skateboard rackhttp3$$
6 skateboads on a pro board skateboard rackPro-Board Racks Skateboard Floor Rack (The Pro)7$$$
Large 6 skateboard rack featuring a cupboard and two helmetsSan Diego Woodworking - Sk8Rak 6 Board Skateboard Rack6$$$
Pro Board Floor Display Rack (The Cascade)8$$$
Skateboard rack for bikesFairdale Skateboard Racks Bike1$$
Black Skateboard Rack for bikesCarver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards1$$$

Skateboard Rack Reviews

Pro Board Racks Skateboard Wall Rack

Skateboard rack featuring 5 skateboards on a wooden fixture

The Pro Board Racks Skateboard Wall Rack is a beautiful design made out of pacific southwest redwood. The device is wall mountable for:

  • Longboards
  • Skateboards
  • Snowboards.

A particularly good thing about this skateboard rack is the simplicity of the mounting setup which uses mounting wall screws. The rack also stretches an impressive 49 inches in length.

StoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack3 skateboards on a metal rack

The StoreYourBoard skateboard rack is a good budget option. This rack holds up to 3 full-length boards or snowboards.

The rack is made of lightweight ABS, as a plastic polymer. The benefit of this is that the weight of the rack drastically reduces the strain on your wall.

The product includes all the necessary hardware to get setup.

Source One – Clear Acrylic Skateboard Rack

Clear skateboard rack featuring 2 skateboards

The benefit of this Skateboard Rack is its versatility.

This skateboard is completely clear. It matches with both modern and old interiors. The design also does not obstruct the view of the skateboard.

All the necessary hardware is included. The rack is also surprisingly strong – mainly since it  is made out of Heavy Duty Cast Acrylic.  It can also store Skateboards and Longboards with ease.

Ultimately, the design of the rack is a similar clear design to what you have seen in many museums. The design is modern, classy and polished at a good price point.

You can also expect to get a 100% money-back guarantee if you change your mind

Parking Block – Skateboard Storage, Display, & Organizer – Portable Stand

2 Skateboards on 2 parking block racks

The Parking Block is a good value skateboard rack capable of storing a single board – vertically.

No mounting or drilling is needed for this one. It’s a great get up and go solution at a good price.

These are very popular for bedrooms and entrances to homes since they prevent the rubbing of dirt of the walls. It works on all flat surfaces, and we love the branding of this one.

6 x 7.5 x 9.5 inches

T-Rax skateboard racks

2 Skateboards and 3 skateboard fixtures on a wall.

The T-Rax is a customizable rack solution that has a few advantages:

Each set holds one board.
The placement of each rack is customizable depending on your board length
The angle of the rack is sharper so the deck graphic is more visible and takes up less room space since the decks are more flush with the wall.

The product is made out of solid aluminum and includes all the hardware you need to get started.

T-Rax is a quality all American company.

Floor Skateboard Racks

Pro-Board Racks Skateboard Floor Rack

6 skateboads on a pro board skateboard rack

This is a high capacity floor rack that is not wall mountable. The setup is super simple as all you need to is fit the 4 pieces together using the grooved crossbeams. This makes it very easy to dismantle.

The product is designed for people with large collectors or retailers who are on the road due to the items portability and quick setup.

The Rack measures 48” tall X 18” deep x 16” wide.

San Diego Woodworking – Sk8Rak 6 Board Skateboard Rack

Large 6 skateboard rack featuring a cupboard and two helmets

This is a high capacity skateboard rack made out of birch ply.

These racks are made by fine furniture carpenter. The rack is very simple to assemble.

The Rack is also completely naturally sanded making it ready for a preferred finish if you are interested in customizing your rack.

It features an awesome little cupboard to store your skate tools and wheels etc.

It also features two hooks for helmets.

You can apply varnish, stickers or paint with ease on this surface.

Pro Board Floor Display Rack (The Cascade)

This skateboard rack stores a phenomenal 8 skateboards, vertically.

Similar to the other Pro-Board rack, you don’t have to screw anything together. The fixtures are fitted using a cross beam.

This skateboard rack is made for floor use, so don’t try to wall mount it.

We are a big fan of this rack since it really makes good use of room space. By storing the boards vertically it highlights the graphics of the skateboards very well. It can also be used for skimboards, longboards, snowboards, and wakeboards.

This rack is also super fast to assemble and disassemble.

Skateboard Racks for your Bike

Fairdale Skateboard Rack for Bikes

Skateboard rack for bikes

The Fairydale Skateboard Bike Rack work with skateboards and also many longboards. The rack is easy to mount on the rear side of your bike. The Fairdale also has a cushioned rubber coating to keep the skateboard secure and free from rattling.

The design has been well thought out since it is positioned behind the rear axle to prevent your heels from colliding with the rack as you pedal.

We love its maneuverability and its price.

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards

Black Skateboard Rack for bikes

The carver surf rack is capable of supporting your surfboard of a longboard.

The rack is very solid and the arms disconnect very easily.

It will fit on most bikes and is also very easy to setup.

Skateboard Rack Summary

Before buying a skateboard rack, consider the room you are buying it for and the style of house or shop it is sitting in. Ensure you also measure the space available for your rack so you pick the right one.

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