Skateboard lingo

Our skateboarding lingo list is a collection of definitions to communicate specific tricks or feelings. If you want to learn skateboard slang, look no further.

Check out our skateboarding lingo dictionary.

Skateboards lingo. A words and expressions dictionary.

AirWhen you and your skateboard leave the ground. Can also be measurable e.g. ‘He got 3 feet of air’
AiringWhen you are getting air
AirwalkWhen you stride/kick one leg forward and one leg backwards while you have Air, mimicking a walk.
Alley-oopA transition trick that involves spinning in one direction while airing to the right.
Am (amateur)Someone who does not skate professionally.
Anchor grindA trick where you grind the front truck on an obstacle while the tail is lowered like an anchor to the side.
Bail1. When a trick is abandoned during the attempt. This can involve kicking the board away to avoid injury.
2. When you fall
BankAn incline for riding up and performing a trick
Barley grindA frontside 180 to switch smith grind *first performed by Donny Barley
Beni-HanaA grab trick. While the skater is airing, the front foot pushes the board forward while the left leg hangs. The move is finished by grabbing the tail and landing on both feet.
BigflipA 360 flip combined with a backside body varial.
BigspinA 360 shove-it combined with a body varial in the same direction.
BluntslideA stall where the back truck sits on an obstacle as the nose points towards the sky. A quick pop is required to return down and complete the trick.
BoardslideA slide where the nose is placed above an obstacle or rail, and the deck slides between the trucks.
Body VarialA trick where you jump and rotate 180 degrees (your board doesn't rotate)
Bomb a HillTo skate down a hill;generally a big hill.
BowlA feature of a skatepark or ramp where the transition is concave in a 360 degree bowl shape.
Burly1.A trick prone to danger
2. To be strong or tough
BustA place where you are likely going to be removed or arrested for trespassing
BustedWhen you have been removed or arrested for trespassing *sucks to be you
BonedA trick where the board is dipped down and the legs are almost horizontal while airing
BonelessA trick where you grab the centre of the board with your hand and plant one foot on the ground to pop the board up. The trick is completed when you land with both feet on the board.
Caballerial / Full CabA fakie ollie 360
CarveA stylized turn - normally in a pool, large bowl or transition
Casper SlideA trick where the skateboard is flipped darkside up as the back leg balances on the back of the deck and the front foot hooks underneath the front bolts while sliding.
CasperflipA trick where a board is turned onto back foot as the front bolts touch your shoe laces.The board is then flipped back with a 180° turn
CatchTo interrupt the spin of a skateboard by touching it with your feet.
Cess SlideTo slide sideways on all four wheels while skating a transition.
ChipWhen a piece of wood breaks off the deck
Concave1.The sunken indentation on the surface of a skateboard deck.
2. Describes the inward curve of a transition
ConvexDescribes the outward curve of a transition
CopingMaterial attached to an obstacle for easier grinds and slides
Crooked GrindA nosegrind where the nose of the deck also rubs against the rail as the tail is raised in the opposite direction.
DarksideAn upside down skateboard. The darkside is the side the trucks baseplate is connected to.
DeckThe wood or plastic surface of the skateboard.
DelaminationWhen the veneers of a skateboard deck start to peel apart and form a gap, or crack.
DemoA demonstration by professional skaters of their skills. A demo is normally hosted by skateparks and shops.
DisasterA 180 ollie where you land the center of the board. This trick is prone to snapping decks, hence the name ‘Disaster’
Double SetA stairway containing two sets of stairs separated by a landing
Double Sided LedgeA narrow ledge for boardslides
Drop In1.The act of dropping down from a platform into a transition.
2. A name for an obstacle that can be used for a drop in eg ‘The lip of the bowl as a drop in’
Dropping!A safety alert to other skaters that they are dropping in.
Dual DurometerA wheel constructed out of two urethanes to produce unique riding characteristics. Generally, the core layer is hard to support the bearings and the outer layer is soft to produce a smoother ride.
DurometerThe hardness of a wheel. This is measure by a number eg 99a
Early GrabWhen a skater grabs the board before airing.
EscalatorA slope on the coping of quarterpipe or halfpipe ramp.
ExtensionAn extended part of a ramp
FakieWhen you ride backwards with the tail facing in the direction of travel.
Fast plantAn indy grab with a back foot plant - after an ollie.
Feeble GrindA move where the back truck is grinded against a rail while the front truck hangs over the far side of the rail.
FlatbarA rail/bar that is level with the ground for grinds and slides.
FlatbottomThe flat surface at the base of a transition.
Flat GroundA flat area for skating with an obstacle.
FlatspotsFlat area of a skateboard wheels from damage. These can often be spotted by a clean area where urethane has been scraped away.
FlipTo make your board rotate on its lengthwise axis. Eg a kickflip.
FliptrickAny move that involved spinning a skateboard.
FocusTo intentionally break your board in half.
FootieA video recording footage
Freeze FrameA single frame from a video or still camera.
FrontsideWhen performing a rotation trick on flat ground the rider faces the direction of travel for the first 90-180 degree.
Frontside FlipA frontside ollie 180 combined with a kickflip
FunboxA box shaped obstacle with grindable and slidable surfaces
GapThe distance between two riding surfaces
GnarlyDifficult or challenging Excellent
GoofyWhen you skate with your supporting foot on the tail rather than the front bolts.
GrabWhen you hold the centre of the deck (generally while airing)
GrindAny trick where the truck grinds along the edge of an obstacle.
Grommet / GromSlang for a young skater.
GyrateTo flex your legs at the right moment on a transition to gather speed
Half CabA half caballerial. The trick is essentially a fake ollie 180°
Halfpipe / Vert RampA semi circular ramp for transition skateboarding
HandrailA rail at waist height on a set of stairs or ramp.
Hang upWhen your trucks do not clear the coping and stall while on a transition.

A hangup is generally an error. However, it is considered a trick if you can recover and continue down the transition.
HangerThe axle and pivots of a truck used for grinds.
HardflipA frontside 180 combined with a pop shuvit and kickflip
HeelflipA trick where the skateboard is kicked forward and flipped 360 degrees along the board’s long axis.
HipThe semi vertical edge of an obstacle where 2 riding surfaces meet.
Hip OllieA trick where you Ollie off a hip.
HipperA hip bruise.
Hurricane grindAn ollie 180 followed by a front facing tail ground.
ImpossibleWith either the front or back foot the nose is wrapped around the opposite foot 360 degrees.
Indy grabWhen airing you use your back hand to grab your toe edge and poke the nose of your board forward.
InvertA one arm handstand on an obstacle while the opposing hand grabs the skateboard.
JudoA trick where the skater grabs the nose of the board and kicks the front foot forward (like a judo kick).
K-grindsee crooked grind
KickflipFlipping the board along its lengthwise axis 360°
Kickflip UnderflipA kickflip where the rotation of the board is stalled and reversed with an darkside kick.
Kinked RailA rail with a deformity.
LandWhen the board is landed on the ground, signifying the completion of a successful trick.
Late TrickA trick that is executed late into a move.
Launch RampA ramp designed for launching a skateboarder in the air.
LedgeAny raised surface or obstacle used for grinds and slides.
Lien AirA trick where you grab the heel edge of the deck while airing frontside. This trick was Niel Blender, Lien = Neil spelled backwards.
LineSkateboard tricks performed in an order. A planned course through a skate environment
LipThe edge of an obstacle
LipslideSimilar to a boardslide, however you get on to the obstacle by putting your back truck over the rail first.
LocalA skater who lives nearby a designated skate spot.
Locksee Hang up
Lock inWhen a board is placed in a stable slide or grind position.
MadollyA madonna air without a grab
MadonnaThis is essentially a one-footed lien to tail. The lead foot is taken off and kicked out straight down behind the board.
ManuelA move where the skater leans on the back of the board to raise the front trucks while balancing over the back trucks.
Manuel PadA raised surface for ollieing and dropping off. These surfaces are often used to perform a Manuel, hence ‘Manuel pad’.
MethodA truck where you grab your heel edge with your front hand and pull that same edge towards your back. Considered the ‘method’ since it’s a method to get more air.
Mini RampA small halfpipe
MongoWhen you are incorrectly using your lead leg to push with your support foot on the back bolts of the deck.
MuteAn air grab where you placed your front hand on the toeside of the board.
No ComplyA trick where you plant your front foot on the ground pop the board with the board with the back foot.
NollieAn ollie front of the board. The long name is ‘Nose Ollie’.
NoseFront part of the the deck next to the forward mounting holes. This area is generally steeper and longer than the tail.
Nose BonkA quick nose grind together with a front truck bonk on the surface of an obstacle.

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