Old School Skateboard Decks

Old School Skateboard Decks are among the most versatile and interesting decks in the world.

It was during the 80s that old skateboard decks began to take on a new role as not only an item to ride but a work of art. The skateboard deck was considered a canvas to communicate the culture of skating.

In doing so, the 80s skateboard decks defined what skating was.

The skulls graphic, the labels reminding us of danger and death, the vibrant colors; are still recycled concepts that are central to new deck designs.

These decks have personality

Why should I choose an Old School Skateboard

Old School skateboards are still the best for carving transitions.

Many of the boards listed on this page were designed by collaborating with the best transition skaters in the world. Tony Hawk, Hosoi, Gator were all design consultants for the brands that signed them.

They are great for cruising along the streets and they won’t hold you back when it comes to landing basic – intermediate tricks.

How should I choose an Old School Skateboard

Choosing a skateboard deck is where you will take the longest amount of time. It is the first and last thing you connect with on a skate session.

If you choose the right deck it will be the first and only thing you break.

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