• what are skateboarding shoes called

    Skateboarding shoes are simply called Skateshoes. Some people refer to all generic skateshoes as Vans – one of the early skate shoe brands.

  • what are skateboarding trucks made out of

Skateboard truck are almost always made of aluminium or steel. Although they are sometimes made out of brass and nylon.

  • Are Converse skateboarding shoes?

Converse shoes were originally conceived of as a basketball shoe brand. Since then, Converse have diversified into general street shoes and also produce some skate shoes.

  • Are vans skateboarding shoes?

Yes, vans shoes were originally designed for skateboarding. Their logo refers to the square root of an answer. A design with was placed on the vans skate decks and continue to be placed on shoes.

  • What are skateboarding shoes?

These are shoes designed for skateboarding with a grippy sole. However, due to the nature of skate shoes providing such good grip many people don’t know that Vans are a skate shoe.

  • Are skateboarding shoes good for parkour

Parkour is like skateboarding without a board, so…probably. Although we recommend you just get into skating.

  • Are skateboarding and surfing similar

Skateboarding emerged from the surf culture of California. Although they have similar themes, the tricks and movement involved in skateboarding is very different. Being good at one will definitely make you better at the other. It can be quite easy to spot a surfer at a skate park from their movement.

  • Are skateboarding shoes slip resistant

Yes. Skateboarding shoes will reduce the chances of slipping on your board

  • are skateboarding shoes bad for your feet

Skateboarding shoes are not designed for jogging. They are designed for skating only and are good for your feet for this activity.

  • are skateboarding shoes good for running

    No, skateboard shoes are not designed for running, sprinting or jogging.

  • are skateboarding shoes necessary

Yes, for any skateboard relying on a grippy surface it is almost always needed.

  • are skateboarding shoes good for walking

    Skateboard shoes are good for walking in Urban areas, not for hiking or trekking

  • are skateboarding and snowboarding similar

    In some aspects although the maneuverability of the boards are different since wheels rotate on an axis while sliding on the snow on a board provides a different surface.

  • who did the skateboarding in back to the future

    Per Welinder was a stunt double for Michael J. Fox’s in this awesome classic from 1985 time travel movie.

  • who made skateboarding up

    Hard to say, although the first official manufacturer of skateboards were by the shop opwner Bill Richard. Bill had a contract with the Chicago Roller Skate Company to make wheels which Bill attached to square wooden boards.

  • who banned skateboarding from 1978 to 1989

    Norway. Crazy huh! Norway banned it due to concerns of injuries. They only missed out on the best age of skateboarding!


  • who sponsors skateboarding

Generally manufacturers of skate gear and shop owners. Although there are overlaps with many different industries.

  • Who revolutionized skateboarding

    This is a difficult question to answer. However Rodney Mullen certainly had something to do with it.

  • who made skateboarding popular

    Everyone one! Hopefully everyone will continue to do so. A culture of skating emerged in the late 1970’s and we all have a responsibility to share it and invite people into the world of skating.

  • which is better skateboarding or snowboarding


  • which country invented skateboarding

    Someone in the USA.

  • which states have skateboarding laws

    We have an article coming out on this soon.

  • which is better skateboarding or bmx


  • which is easier skateboarding or bmx


  • which is better skateboarding or scootering


  • which is better skateboarding or longboarding

    They are both skateboards but with different characteristics.

  • which muscles does skateboarding work

    Gluteus Maximus/Glutes/Bum
    Lower Legs

  • which is harder skateboarding or longboarding


  • which is harder skateboarding or bmx


  • Skateboarding which foot do you push with

    Jump forward and land on one foot – without thinking. Whatever foot you land with is not the foot you push with.

  • Which skateboarding game is the best

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (2001) on Playstation!

  • Skateboarding when pregnant, can I do it?

    No, don’t do it.

  • skateboarding when windy, can I do it?

    Mmmm don’t do it on the road near cars.

  • skateboarding, when raining?

    Again, don’t do it on the road near cars.
    Expect to wear down your deck more if it’s made of wood.

  • skateboarding, when it’s cold?

    Wear warm gear, you will be fine.

  • skateboarding, what to learn first

    Learn to just cruise/ride your skateboard

  • what is skateboarding in french?

    aire de la planche à roulettes…

  • what skateboarding tricks should i learn first

    Try to do an ollie or a kickflip if you are new.

  • what skateboarding shoes are best

    We like Vans, DC, Emerica and a few others.

  • what skateboarding wheels are the best

    We wrote an article on this here.

  • are mini logo wheels good

People often ask this question since it’s a blank brand. Mini Logo is our favorite blank brand out there and we recommend them for those on a budget.

  • what’s skateboarding in spanish


  • what skateboarding shoes last the longest

    Hard to say. CG’s nephews are twins and he purchased one pair of Vans and one pair of DC’s at the same time for them. The DC’s lasted much longer.

  • what skateboarding movies are on netflix?

    • Bones Brigade
    • Dogtown And Z-boys
    • Waiting for lightning
    • The Motivation
    • This Ain’t California
    • Skatopia
    • All this Mayhem


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