Complete Skateboards Under 50 Dollars – Search wisely

We had to write this article. Why?  There are many sites recommending Complete Skateboards Under 50 Dollars. Most of them, aren’t written by skateboarders.

We recommend you spend more than $50, even for a beginner. But if you are really on a budget, we have listed the boards that will keep you skating for a while.

We have only listed 5 skateboard brands since there is so much trash out there!

What to watch out for in a cheap skateboard

What you need when looking for a board on a tight budget like this, is not a cheap skateboard that has been simultaneously overpriced. You want a quality board that has been underpriced.

We scour the internet for deals like this and have alerts that inform us of when a price is down.

Buying a skateboard that’s even suitable for a beginner is a challenge for $50. Why? Because the materials are expensive. Wood, metal, and plastic are not easy to design and modify for under $50.

Here are the areas you need to watch out for. From monitoring boards the following areas are where brands will reduce the quality of their parts:

  • Trucks: Other than the Penny Board we have mentioned below you will always lose out big on the trucks. They simply can’t compare to a good brand like Independent or Thunder.This includes the skateboards on this list below.
  • Wheels: Most companies won’t mention the ratings of their wheels and they’re always on the smaller side since they require fewer materials to produce.
  • Griptape: Some of the grips from decks that didn’t make this list had grip tape that appeared to be sandpaper, very nasty.
  • Deck: The decks on this list are solid and they aren’t the thing we’d upgrade if had some money to pimp out a board. Nevertheless, the really poor decks without concave we’ve seen make us shudder. When a cheap deck has no concave it means it’s been fashioned out of a full stack of ply and modified from there. Rather than the normal product process of creating a concave and kick by modifying each individual ply and then pressing and gluing together together
  • Bearings: The ABEC system is pretty hit and miss with many brands misrepresenting what they are. For most under $50 skateboards, a simple $10 investment could improve a $50 skateboard by quite a lot. If you are new to skateboarding, moving these bearings to your next deck is also a great idea.

Please remember to get a skate tool if you don’t have one. Nearly all of these decks will require truck and wheel adjustments to get it right.

Best Complete Skateboards under 50 dollars

Penny Popsicle Series Complete Skateboard, Green, 22″ L

From our Penny Review, you should know that this is simply an AWESOME deal. Penny only has a handful of boards under $50. Colors that they appear to be running out such as pink etc.

The price should really be so much more. So if you don’t care too much for the color or the design (something Penny really excels at). Consider snatching one of the few under this price point if you can find them.

Penny Skateboard in Green for under $50


Punisher Skateboards Day of the Dead 31.5″ Dual-Kick with Concave Complete Skateboard, White

Punisher has produced a skateboard where all of the parts are at the same level – holding up sign saying our choice for under $50

All of the parts are just enough to not hold you back in the short term. The deck quality is fine with a fairly shallow concave. They have good trucks that won’t hold you back for tricks and cruising. The bearings are good and the wheels will definitely do the job.

Favorite thing about the Punisher brand is the quality of the graphics. For so many decks under $50 they seem to rush the designs even though it’s the one thing that doesn’t add to the production cost. We’re a fan of the Day of the Dead design below, very fresh.

Day of the dead patterned skull on a punisher skateboard deck for under $50


Tony Hawk Popsicle Talon Skateboard, Purple, 31″

This is quite a solid deck and will no doubt appeal to many young skaters.

Tony Hawk doesn’t attach his name to products. This is a good board for young skaters and is well priced. Coming in with 54mm wheels, it’s great for skate parks or those interested in skating street. It doesn’t have the beef o the Punisher truck though (above).

Tony hawk skateboard featuring an eagle on a blue background. A skateboard for under $50


Pro Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard – Natural woods

So this is a way to save yourself a little money and still get a good skateboard. The deck is solid with a nice concave. The Grip Tape is good. The trucks function fine however they sometimes have a few flaws from the smelting process. The bearings are good.

Blank Yocaher skateboard fot skateboards under $50


PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard 31 Inch

We were actually surprised by this deck. It’ s quite a good ride. We knew nothing about this company and after checking out the parts we’re happy to recommend them. The concave on the deck is our favorite of all the decks.

On Amazon, we laughed at the representation of the price being reduced from $199 to under the $50 mark… Don’t be misled, it’s not a skateboard worthy of a pro $199 price tag. Nevertheless, the Puente pro cruiser is a solid skateboard (but it’s not a cruiser). The grip tape on this bad boy makes it look tacky though.

PUENTE Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard 31 Inch for under $50


We would have liked a longer list, however, we can’t recommend any other skateboards under 50 at the moment. Please subscribe to our email list and we will shoot you an email when the list changes.

If you feel like getting a quality skateboard check out our article best beginner skateboard.

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