Blank Skateboard Decks – A Buyers Guide

Blank skateboard decks are defined by the name – they are blank decks without large brand graphics of pro skater decals. There are a few issues that pop up when shopping for a blank skateboard brand. Our guide will point out a few things you should know before you invest in one.

Should you consider buying a blank skateboard deck?

One of the biggest issues that exist for a blank skateboard buyer is a comprehensive understanding of quality. A massive element that validates a normal skateboard brand that features pro models and models with graphic is that professional skateboarders use them. They are paid, but nevertheless they use them effectively in tournaments.

This is where a pro skateboard brand such as Powell Peralta or Toy Machine achieve an appreciation. When you pick one up you know where and how the deck is made and that it has past the approval of paid professionals.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a blank deck. It just means you should do your research and consider why you would want one. Here are some reasons you should consider one:

  • Price
    The cost is roughly half that of a professional skateboard deck. This is because printing and professional endorsement are not necessary
  • Custom Paint
    Yes, that’s right. Many people use blank skateboards as a canvas for their own designs. There are custom artists all through the world that make phenomenal artworks on the bottom of decks
  • You can spot flaws
    A blank deck is not covered by paint. This offers the advantage of being able to spot a flaw in the deck production. An example would be cracks or knots in the plywood
  • The look
    A blank deck has its own charm to it. The look of grain is quite nice. Many people also like to re-stain it for a more refined look.

What about Shop brands?

Shop brands are really just rebadged blank skateboard decks. They source the decks from similar suppliers to the decks below. Rebadging offers locals an opportunity for locals to identify with their local store for a higher ‘blank’ skateboard price.

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Mini-Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

Blank Skateboard Deck by Mini Logo

Mini Logo decks are made by the same people and in the same factory as Powell-Peralta!

Mini Logo is the industry leader for good quality, no frills decks. Their blank deck is nice monster holding up sign saying our choice for under $50and clean and has a warranty against delamination for the useful life of the deck. The brand is also managed out of their Sant Barbara headquarters.

  • K12 Concave – Double kick nose with extra deep concave that adds significant stiffness for more POP!
  • Laminated with Skate One’s proprietary, low-stress AirLam presses
  • Proven Powell Peralta construction and concave
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Moose Old School Blank  Skateboard Deck (10″ x 30″, Natural)

Old School Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose has a good reputation for blank skateboard decks.

We love the old school design and it’s got a pretty nicely formed fishtail on the end of the deck.

Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Short Board, 8.25, Natural

Blank Skateboards

Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable material and there is something about the lines on a natural bamboo deck that make it really pop.

This deck is made with Built with 6 ply bamboo and 1 ply of  maple wood which improves the board sustainability to become an ideal deck for any skill level

Deep concave deck for premium control while riding, doing tricks, and taking hard turns that most decks can not handle
A great thing about these decks is they come in multiple sizes from 7 inches right up to 8.75″.

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