Best skateboard for 5 year old kids in 2018

When introducing a child to skating, choosing a quality board is one of the most important things. The best skateboard for 5 year old kids is determined by many important factors.


While children have the potential to complain about many things. A board that is potentially dangerous containing flaws are not picked up by kids in general. By buying the appropriate size and brand of a skateboard for a child’s age expensive hospital bills can be avoided.

Maintain Motivation

Building confidence and motivating children is a very hard thing to do in any sport. When a child is paired with an incorrectly sized board or poor quality gear their potential is undermined. In a skatepark where there is always an enormous range of skill level between peers. A bad skateboard will hold a child back from fulfilling their potential and can also turn them away from a sport.

When searching for the best skateboard for 5 year old children, be wary of selecting an oversized board. We occasionally spot kids at skateparks riding adult-sized boards and it’s awful to watch. Children simply do not have the weight to turn a board correctly if it’s been oversized.


A quality skateboard that has been looked after can be passed on to brothers, sisters, and friend. Choosing a cheap option from a local department store features inferior quality parts that are also dangerous.

A quality board with appropriate deck concave can last well over two years.

If you select a good skateboard, replacing parts will be easy, cheap and also good for the environment.


For many children, a skateboard is the first mode of transport they own. Choosing a skateboard appropriate for cruising parks and footpaths is a must.


Flat out, 80s skateboards recommend one size for 5-year-old kids. That’s a 7-inch sized deck.

7 Inches won’t hold a 5-year-old back in maneuverability and will also support another 2 years of use.

Best Skateboard for 5 year Old Kids in 2018

Here is our top list of skateboards for 5 year old kids.

SkateXS Beginner Street Skateboardmonster holding up sign saying our choice for under $50

Skate XS is a brand made exclusively for children but with pro grade parts. The decks are made out of Bamboo rather than Maple making it more lightweight and fantastic pop (and more environmentally sustainable).

Bamboo offers light weight, durability, and board “pop” all while being sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is a great choice for the skater and a great choice for the planet.

The wheels are high-quality 90A 53mm by the Mini-Logo Brand (Made in the same factory as Powell-Peralta). 

The Grip Tape is Jessup which many will know as a very good quality grip tape brand and available in many colors.

The bearings are Abec 7’s and run smoothly.

Most importantly the trucks are very high quality and hollow to reduce the weight for tricks and carving.

SkateXS is a brand that has really made the effort to supply kids with high-quality skateboards. Skate XS is why it’s deservedly #1 on our list and very hard to beat.

This is the best skateboard for 5 year old children.

Pirate on the top sail of a ship graphic on the best kids skateboard for best skateboard for 5 year old


Blind Skateboards Complete Skateboard – 7″ x 28″

Blind Skateboards come in at a lower price point and not a bad choice if you are wanting to go for a heavier maple deck. When looking at 7-inch deck in 7 ply maple it ends up making the deck look very thick.

The trucks are a little heavy and beefy. We couldn’t see a brand on them however they look stable.

Altogether this is skateboard is a known brand and quite good value. Although, we are not big fans of their graphics this brand is a worth consideration for the best skateboard for 5 year old kids.

best skateboard for 5 year old in blue


Penny – Complete Skateboard 

Penny Skateboard with graphic for review of childrens skateboards for best skateboard for 5 year old

The Penny is something completely different and provides a very different ride from the wooden skateboard decks.

Penny boards are fun fast and great for cruising around streets and footpaths. These skateboards will last your child for life and are much stronger than wooden skateboards. Indeed, many kids end up using them in high school and university since they are quick, portable and fit inside your standard size locker or airport baggage.

They have fantastic designs too, you can read about it here in our review. Don’t consider going for a cheap alternative to Penny, they are worlds apart from their competitors.


ENJOI Leopard Punk Complete Skateboard, Grey, Size 7.25 Inch

a skateboard for best skateboard for 5 year old featuring panda in siler

Ok this is a 7.25 Inch but it deserves to be on this  list if your child is big for their age, is older than 5, or just loves pandas.

Enjoi is a professional skateboard brand with particularly excellent deck quality.

We were happy to see that the truck brand is by Slant and the wheels are Enjoi wheels (52mm). The wheel size if particularly good for skate tricks and the skateboard will also have some resale value if you plan on selling it later down the track.

Santa Cruz – Screaming Hand  7″ x 29.2″

a santa cruz graphic of a screaming hand in blue on a skateboard deck with blue wheels for best skateboard for 5 year old

We were really happy to find the iconic Santa Cruz Screaming Hand in a 7 inc7-incheboard.

This brand has been going since the 70’s and is a worthwhile option.

It’s slightly longer by around an inch compared to the other skateboard decks above. You will find it adds that little extra stability for the rider, particularly for the beginner.

It features OJ 52mm  wheels (well known skateboard brand) and the deck is made out of North American Maple.


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