Best Pop Skateboard To Buy In 2018

If you are looking for the best pop skateboard, you should be considering it for one function – performing tricks for street skating.

In case you didn’t know, pop is the snap a board has for ollieing. When you are performing an ollie the amount of height you can master will largely be determined by the ‘pop’ of your skateboard deck.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best skateboard decks for pop.

When you try to create a skateboard with pop you should select the right truck size and wheel size. A low truck and small wheels will produce more pop than high trucks and large wheels.

Best Pop Skateboard List

Baker Skateboardsmonster holding up sign saying our choice for under $50

Baker skateboards have an excellent shape and perhaps the most pop out of all the skateboards listed. We are giant fans of this brand for flips particularly, but they are fantastic for all ground tricks.

Expect a little lighter weight due to their narrow designs with Baker.

Letters Baker are written on the best pop skateboard in black on a red background


Toy Machine Skateboards

The pro brand ‘Toy Machine‘ is a professional skateboard brand that produces decks that cause kids and adults to salivate. Toy Machine provide a great amount of pop and last forever. At many skateparks people skate Toy Machine to the point there is not graphic left. Expect to get a long life and giant pop with this brand. You will find most of the concave for these decks to be quite mellow and perfect for popping ollies. We have flagged Toy Machine as a good brand for beginners too.

Plan B Skateboards

One of the best skateboards for pop come from the Plan B, from Costa Mesa, California. It was founded by professional skateboarders, including Danny Way and Colin McKay. The Plan B team seem to have a really good understanding of how to create mellow decks with a really sharp pop.

Plan B Skateboard featuring a jet in space for the best pop skateboard

Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi is a badass brand that has awesome deck designs. They also don’t rely on advertising to grow their brand. This is an excellent quality tester since their presence as a quality pro brand has developed honestly and independently.

Expect plenty of pop with Enjoi and also a really nice lightness to the entire deck.

Enjoi Panda on a black and white deck best pop skateboard

Girl Skateboards

Girl skateboards are identifiable by a graphic featuring a female restroom logo.

They have an excellent reputation for long lasting pop and also have particularly durable tails. Expect a high quality plywood to from this California based company that has gone from strength to strength in the last decade.

Blue skateboard background and a girl restroom logo on a skateboard deck with wheels for the best pop skateboards

Zero Skateboards

Zero have deep concave and phenomenal durability. Zero are a fantastic board because they mix durability and pop with nice lightweight design.

Zero are well known as a high-quality skateboard brand and one that was always going to make this list. Many people have been skating Zero for years and refuse to skate anything else due to its reliability.

Yellow Skateboard with Red Stars from the Zero Skateboard Brand Best Pop Skateboards


Birdhouse Skateboards

Birdhouse are a good option if you prefer slightly heavier decks. Birdhouse skateboard pop is still really good and you will also have that extra durability there that can help if you are a heavier, or more aggressive rider.

This brand has quite is a very mellow concave if you are into that style too.

Skateboard featuring the word birdshouse in yellow and red lettering with a blue background for best pop skateboard

Deathwish Skateboards

Deathwish has a mixture of durability and pop. This shouldn’t be a surprised since you will see many Deathwish pro skaters tackling massive staircases. The Deathwish have a really special board design and a massive loyal following to boot.

CG has cousins who shout out the words ‘Deathwish’ for anyone who is attempting a gnarly staircase. That should give you an idea what this brand represents.

Lettering of deathwish on a black deck for the best pop skateboard

Real Skateboards

Are a good all round skateboard with a really nice crisp pop.

You can expect this pop to last a long time too, due to the durability of Real Skateboard Deck.  Real also has a nice deep concave for what felt lik, quite a heavy deck.

Real are an American brand that takes pop seriously, and they tick a lot of the boxes for skating ground-based tricks.

Real brand skateboard on the best pop skateboard

AntiHero Skateboards

AntiHero Skateboards are worth a look if you are looking for a skateboard with a neutral pop and a strong tail.

They have good graphics and aren’t prone to razor tail.

While they’re not our favorite for pop, if you have had tail problems previously – Anti Hero are excellent.

Almost skateboard featuring pigeons in the city on the best pop skateboard

Best Pop Skateboard Summary

All of the skateboards above have excellent pop and will serve you well.

We took a long time to compile the list of the best pop skateboard to buy in 2018 and we were disturbed by some of the trash sites were recommending. Please be conscious of sites not created by skateboarders. While doing our research for this article we found many sites recommending cheap rubbish from fake brands and many recommending blank skateboard companies!

If you plan on buying a skateboard please click on any of the links to Amazon. We will receive a small commission to help pay for the costs to run this site.

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