Best Pool Skateboards – buy wide and glide

80s skateboards has developed a list of the Best Pool Skateboards.

Pool skateboarding caused the first big wave of skate-mania. A now famous incident in the 60s heralded the beginning of the pool skateboard era, involving surfers in their downtown in coastal Los Angeles, California. The story goes that a skater’s parents were out of town for the weekend. Him and his friends drained their backyard swimming pool. What emerged were pristine walls all ready to drop in.Best pool skateboards

Skateboarding in pools were later replaced with commercial skate pools, bowls and vert ramps. These skate parks were aimed to entertain skaters and stop the desecration of swimming pools.

But, the history of  the pool skateboarding era still remains. The coping that you see in skateparks copies the lips of the old swimming pools of the 70s – a functional homage to the tradition of pool skateboarding.

How to choose the best pool skateboard deck

If you are looking for the the best pool skateboard deck for riding pools, bowls and vert ramps, there are a few things you should consider.

Widthmonster saying pop ain't important for transition 80s skateboards

For pool skateboarding a wide board is a wise choice. Try to look for a board over 8.5 inches wide. A wide skateboard will give you more control, stability and a smoother ride. The extra width will also give the board a longer life. Pool skateboarding involves big landings and when you bail your board will take a bigger beating than street skating.

Tail Length

A long tail length can be very handy since you can broaden your stance and place more pressure on turns.


The wheelbase is the distance between the inside mounting holes on a board aka the distance between two mounted trucks. Try to aim for a 15 inch to 18 inch wheelbase.


The shape of a board is important. Look for a skateboard that is designed for vert. Different shapes offer different advantages.

Top Ten Pool Skateboard Decks 2017

Vision Original Vision Reissue Skateboard Deck 10″x30″80s skateboards best decks green deck

A classic 10 inch wide deck made in the 1980s from Vision Skateboards. It features: a 16.25” Wheelbase with plenty of stability. Modern truck pattern, Low Concave.

Hosoi – Cat Eyes Deck ‘El Gato’El Gato Cat in red featuring eyes

You have to love the shape of the El Gato. Featuring a double kick. This had to be on our list of the best pool skateboards.

Powell Peralta Ripper

We are big fans of this classic. If you don’t believe us check out our article Powell Peralta Ripper and the history of this skating icon

Powell Peralta Skull 80s skateboard featuring blue and black stripes

Toy Machine Ed Templeton Cat Skateboard Deck – 8.75″ x 32.375″

Toy Machine Ed Templeton Cat 80s Skateboards

Toy Machine always make dope decks. This is an 8.75 with a flat nose. A great option for pool skating if you don’t want to go for a traditional old school deck. It also features a double kick for those who want more of a Popsicle look.

Jay Adams Z Flex BLUE POOL deck 9 X 33″ Skateboard mini longboard C14

Jay Adams Deck in blue 80s skateboards

We chose the Z – Flex in blue since that is one of the original colors for Z-Flex boards.

The Z- Flex features top mount to help you turn the board from above the trucks for aggressive carves (notice how the mounting holes are close to the nose and tail). Made out of 100% Maple, this board is high concave with a wheelbase of 15 1/4″ INCHES.

Elephant Brand Skateboards Street Axe Deck

Elephant Brand Red Deck 80s skateboards

This deck is extra wide on the rear bolts but cutaway in the middle to reduce the weight.

A really versatile deck from an exciting pro brand.

Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Mike Mcgill Ltd Edition Jet Deck Green – 10.28″Powell Peralta 80s Skatebaords in green

This is a 10.28″ deck! What a monster. We love this deck, a classic with everything you’d hope for to carve up your pool like a thanksgiving turkey. Recognize the way this deck is set up. It’s got a length of 30.25,  a nice long wheelbase – 16.5″ The board has a long tail 5.875″ and a short nose 2.5″ – perfect for turns.

Creature Skateboards Stumps Medusa Team 32.55″-8.8″ DecksPurple board featuring the medusa eating someone 80s skateboards

A popsicle stick, double kick skateboard is part of the ‘Stumps’ series. Stumps is a reference to the wider yet shorter shapes for people who like to skate transition. The wheelbase comes in at 14.5″ and a length of 32.55 in. Made from 100% North American Maple!

Powell-Peralta Caballero Street Navy/Red Skateboard Deck, Navy, 9.625″

caballero deck featuring a golden dragon 80s skateboards

The classic Caballero deck by Powell Peralta has a great design featuring a blunt nose.

A definite deck to consider.

Santa Cruz Skateboards Cory Obrien Mutant City Reissue Blue Skateboard Deck

Demons Guy on street features on a 80s skateboard

The Corey O’Brien’s Mutant City Deck, is a cool design with some neat references to the old school night life. Notice the mounting holes on the front? It gives you extra options for your wheelbase/nose length. So, you can change it between a 14″ to 14.5″ inch wheel base.



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