How to choose the best skateboard hardware

Skateboard hardware AKA mounting hardware are the bolts used to connected your trucks to your skateboard deck.

Each truck attached to your deck requires 4 bolts and 4 locknuts. If your truck or deck has 6 holes the extra 2 are just there to give you an option or to allow for an old truck designs or adjust your wheelbase.

Each packet is sold in sets of 8.

Hex/Allen or Phillips Head.

Both Hex and Phillips head perform the same function. Here are a few differences.


  • Slightly easier to screw in since they require less pressing
  • A specific hex key size is required depending on the size of the hex screw, although you should always make sure you have a skate tool.

Phillips drawing of a phillips screw head for the best skateboard hardware

  • More common – It’s generally easier to find a screwdriver than a hex key
  • More likely to strip the head of the screw (the annoying thing when the X shape of is stripped from overuse).

Length of Hardware

The length of the hardware you select should depend on what style of skateboard deck you own and whether you install risers.

The best hardware to buy depends on the type of deck and truck arrangement.

For normal skateboards (both Oldschool and new) a standard 1” hardware length is what you should buy. If you have purchased a cruiser or longboard 1 ⅛” is the best choice.

If you are installing riser pads then you should bump up your hardware length accordingly.

7/8″ to 1″ hardware – no riser
1″ to 1 1/8″ hardware – 1/8″ riser
1 1/4″ hardware – 1/4″ riser
1 1/2″ hardware – 1/2″ riser

Skateboard Bolt Color

The color of the hardware you choose can be very useful to highlight the nose of your board.

When you’re skating, flipping your board over to check where your nose is, can be frustrating.

Sometimes a brand will only sell one bolt in a packet as colored for this very reason.

Best Skateboard Hardware

Determining the best skateboard hardware is difficult since they are a very simple part of your skateboard. We do recommend that if you are on a budget that hardware is a good area to be cheap on.

Some skateboard hardware comes with special accessories that are worth mentioning.

We have compiled a list of skateboard hardware with good feedback and compiled it for you.


Black bolts for skateboardsIndependent1 1/4" Black
8 Black Bolts$
Lucky Hardware1"
1 1/8 inch
1 1/4"
7 Black Bolts
1 Green Bolt
Enjoy skateboard hardware in different coloursEnjoi Little Buddies7/8 Inch1 Red
1 Blue
1 Orange
1 Yellow
1 Green
3 Black
Bones1 Inch
7/8 Inch
8 White Bolts$$
Blue Screes and black nuts skateboard hardwareesKape1 1/4 InchSelect From 11 colors, including GOLD$
6 black bolts 1 Green skateboard hardware boltsCreature1 Inch6 Black Bolts
2 Green Bolts
Sector 92 Inch
1 1/2 Inch
1 1/4 Inch
1 1/8 Inch
1 Inch
8 Black Bolts$$

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