Best Beginner Skateboard of 2017 – Research & Ride

This article will reveal the best beginner skateboard and how to get there but before you decide to select it – consider a few things.

Skateboarding for first timers

Beginning skateboarding is one of the most intimidating moments of the skateboard. Turning up at skateparks while people are doing tricks that make your mind boggle can feel impossible. But rest assured these are the moments you remember as you journey towards the most rewarding skill of your life.

Thankfully, your best moments are yet to come.

Your first setup arriving in the mail will feel like a gift from God, or it should. 80s skateboards have a responsibility of making this so.

What do you want to skate?

Before you order your gear, you should know what you want to skate. Any easy way to answer this is, who do you prefer. Mullen or Hawk. Mullen the best trick skater inYellow Monster Waving Best Beginner Skateboard history, Hawk similarly the best transition skater.

Emulate the style that you love and what to follow.

Or are you just looking for a beach board for commuting?

Consider your surroundings

If you have a wicked skate ramp a short ride from your place consider that you will probably be hanging out there a lot and skating vert.

If you are in the middle of suburbia with no skateparks, consider that you will most likely be skating street!

If you plan on skating both? That’s good, but you need to select a board to suit this.

The dynamic

Where the real predicament comes is the deck, truck and wheel size.

If you are cruising –  big wheels, a wide deck with wide trucks will be easier without a doubt.

If you are street skating a thin deck, small wheels and small trucks will be what you want.

In essence, for the best beginner skateboard,  you want what you would want if you are a professional skater – but even more extreme.

The age of the skater.

Some sites recommend a deck size according to your age and foot size. This can help has a general rule but there are some areas where you should be concerned with on charts.

Check out the post if you curious about finding a skateboard for someone under 12 years old.

Best Beginner Skateboard – All Rounder

80s Skateboards has designed a skateboard from scratch containing the trucks and deck size we recommend. We think this is best skateboards for beginners as an all-rounder to serve everything that a skater needs.

8 Inch Deck

This is the size if the vanilla ice cream of skateboard decks. If you want something that can be paired with all skating styles or terrains the 8 inch is the most sold deck size in the world.

Toy Machine Deck  – 8 Inch

Turtle Deck by Toy Machine in Green 80s skateboards Best Beginner Skateboard

Toy Machine produces good quality decks, with some dope graphics. These 8” decks are a mellow concave so you will find it a nice easy surface to get used to. The Toy Machine decks have a good pop. The graphics have a broad appeal and one a beginner won’t grow out of. Toy Machine produce a huge 8 inch decks,just choose the one you like most.

Independent trucks 139

For an 8 Inch Deck the Low Indy 139’s  are the way to go.

Low trucks make your deck easier to flip and you should find some more stability which is needed for a beginner.  If you want to raise the height of your trucks, use some riser pads. Riser pads can also help with wheel bite.

Independent trucks grind well, they are responsive and have really good quality bushings. There’s a reason they are the most well-known brand out there. Expect your Independent 139’s to last.

Ensure the trucks you buy are for a SET OF 2 like this one.

Silver truck by independent 80's skateboards Best Beginner Skateboard


Spitfire Formula 4 99a Radial Slims 54mm White Skate Wheels

Spitfire 99a 54mm in black and cream Best Beginner Skateboard








Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

You can’t go past the Bearings. They are the most popular bearings out there and are the only ones to features a  single removable snap-on plastic/metal shield so you can clean them effectively. Buy a set of 8, you will need 2 for each wheel.

Grizzly Bear Cut-Out Griptape

Grizzly Bear make awesome Griptape that doesn’t kill your shoes.

We love the ‘Bear Cut Out’ which creates a cool outline and lets you see the top side of your deck.

Best Beginner Skateboard – all rounder

Here’s a summary of what you need to build this bad boy.

DeckTurtle Deck by Toy Machine best beginner skaterboardToy Machine - Turtle Boy Deck - 8 Inch
Truckssilver trucks for a skateboard by independent for beginners skateboardsIndependent Trucks 139
WheelsSpitfire 99a wheels for best skateboard for beginners
Spitfire Formula 4 99a Radial Slims 54mm
BearingsBones reds bearings best beginner skatebaordBones Red Bearings
GriptapeGrizzly Griptape best skateboard for beginnersGrizzly Bear Griptape
HardwareSkateboard hardware in green and blackCreature 1" Phillips Hardware- Single Set

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